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Seasonal Shape Wands

Seasonal Shape Wands

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Seasonal Shape

Price is per wand. Wool Jamboree seasonal felted shape wands can bring joy to all children! Your child will make some memories with a wool wand in their Easter Basket or Christmas Stocking. Shapes represent Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Spring & Summer or simply an all year accessory.

Star wands can be seen in some photos, they are found here in the Wool Toys shop section. 

Each shape is about 4-6cm of solid wool, depending on the shape you choose. The shape is atop a 12 inch wooden dowel wrapped with five 11 inch long, top quality matching ribbons. Ribbons may vary slightly but will have the same colors and overall look as what you see in the photos.

Please note: these wands are somewhat fragile, in the sense that they’re for gentle play. Stepping on the handle or using them as swords in fights will break them. I do not reimburse for rough play. My children have had theirs for 4+ years without any damage done, so if used properly, they should last :)

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