Collection: Wool Dryer Balls & Oils

Wool Jamboree premium wool dryer balls are an inexpensive and reusable and eco-friendly solution to chemical laden fabric softener and dryer sheets. Add 4-6 dryer balls to your dryer and they will gently soften and fluff! Scent is optional.

Turn around time is 1-3 business days, usually on the shorter end ;)

As seen on BuzzFeed! My dryer balls made a list of "Best items under $10 that really work!" Click here to see I'm #19 on the list! Since then, I've been featured 15 more times!

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PLEASE NOTE: My dryer balls with the decorative yarn all have the possibility that over time, the yarn will unfelt and come off (usually just a tail pops out but possibly all the yarn will come off). The yarn overlay is decorative only, the white dryer ball itself will not unravel - I’ve made them for 12 years now, over 10k sold and not one dryer ball has unwound, just the decorative string. ;) The dryer ball will continue working just the same without decorative string.