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Wholesale with Wool Jamboree

Hi! I am so excited you want to wholesale with me! 

I offer 20% off for wholesale, which may not seem like much, but if you review my prices, you will see that I already offer competitive prices in my market and so I can't offer steep discounts with wholesale or I am not paid for my time. I'd much rather offer everyone lower prices than jack my prices up so I can offer bigger discounts to only some. Seems more fair this way ;) 

Minimum purchase is $250 before the discount/tax/shipping. There are 3 products I don't wholesale: felt ball mobiles, 3D printed letters and the other 3D printed wall hangings/shelf sitters. If an item comes with optional scenting, it will come unscented in wholesale orders. And lastly, I do not wholesale to online sellers, so if you have an online presence, then this won't work for me, I hope you understand.

If you would like to order with these terms, please email me directly at Please include your business, it's location, and an online account link such as Facebook or Instagram or Google profile of your shop. I only wholesale with businesses, not people wanting to make large orders and receive a discount. Ideally, these relationships are on-going and restocking your shop is easy, just shoot me an email and I will reply within a few hours or less :) Amy