About Wool Jamboree

Wool Jamboree is run by Amy, me, and my husband Josh. We have one occasional helper, our teenage niece.

I started Wool Jamboree over 11 years ago (then called Redhead & Blue) hoping it would allow me to one day stay at home with future kiddos. Now here I am, living the WAHM dream caring for our 2nd grader Abigail, Kindergartener Jude and toddler Josephine, and spending nap times working away with wool! My shop started as just dryer balls, then I added heating pads and felted soaps. And as I learned more and crafted more I added my immense felt ball decor line up! Now I have over 700 products, and counting!

My shop is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We used to live in California for nearly a decade but moved back to Wisconsin to be near our families. A move we will never regret, even in the middle of the worst winters! Lol. Shortly after moving here I became pregnant with our third, and pregnancy and babies are a handful.......so I haven't had a chance to delve into the craft markets yet, but in 2023 I plan to start spending some weekends under a tent filled with my products! I'm also planning to work my way into the local shops around me with some of my products and really root myself in my community! But for now you can shop here to get all your wooly desires.


Have a question? Email me, Amy, at info@wooljamboree.com

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