Collection: Block Letters & Words

Felt ball letters and words are perfect for every home or every room because they match the colors and patterns of your home! Email me with questions at

Turn around time is 2-8 business days in almost all cases (large orders (8+ letters in the bigger sizes) may be more depending on how many letters are already 3D printed when your order is submitted). In nearly all cases, the smallest sized letter orders ship within a few days.

UPDATE: I now offer ONE edit to letters in the proof photo stage. If you need more edits that one, then there will be additional fees for my time. Please order wisely, if you think through what you want before submitting your order, most likely you will approve the photo I email you and not need any edits! :) 

Please note: 3D printed items are unavailable for discounts of any kind. My filament costs have gone up over the years and instead of raising prices, I have simply made discounts inapplicable.