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EXPLORE Felt Ball Letters

EXPLORE Felt Ball Letters

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Inspire your kids with these felt ball EXPLORE letters in their bedroom or playroom! They fit any decor because you choose the pattern and colors to match your home and style perfectly :) The second photo shows all of the colors available and the third photo shows the patterns available. Some patterns pose a challenge in certain letters because of their shape. If you want a pattern that I haven't thought of, let me know and I can try to do it for you!

NOTE------- I will send a photo of your requested pattern and colors within 1-6 BUSINESS days or so of your order. The smallest letters go faster and the larger two sizes take longer, so expect that with your photo and with shipment. 8.5 inch letters will ship FAR FASTER than the quoted turn around time. Please be watching your Etsy messages and have notifications turned on! :) We can make edits to the letters at that time, in case you want to swap colors or adjust placement of the felt balls. If choosing a rainbow pattern and you want to omit pink or purple (or any other color category, those are just the common ones), please tell me when you submit your order. Removing an entire color category in the edit stage is the same as me redoing the entire project and very time consuming. Thanks for your consideration of my time! :)

All letters are made from white PLA plastic and all felt balls are 2.5cm, though vary slightly because they are handmade. All sizes are 1 inch depth, so the felt balls peak out a little. This lets you see the felt balls from the side angle too! All letters will have a hole(s) in the back for level hanging. Holes are completely hidden if you plan to have them as shelf sitters (only 8.5in size is recommended for standing shelf sitters, bigger sizes will have to rest against the wall if standing).

Sizes -
8.5 inches tall - width varies per letter, averaging 7.75 inches wide across the alphabet. This is the only size I recommend for free standing shelf sitters, stands (as seen in photo 4) are free if you intend to use them as shelf sitters. Choose "with stand - 8.5 inches" in the drop down menu if you will be needing a stand.

13.5 inches tall - width varies, averaging 11 inches wide across the alphabet.

18.5 inches tall - width varies, averaging 17 inches wide across the alphabet.

(The larger sizes can be shelf sitters, but only if propped against the wall/back of the shelf. They are not practical to use with my stands, as they are too tall and would be wobbly.) 

Email me with questions! - Amy -

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