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Rainbow Shamrock Garland

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Wool Jamboree felt ball and shamrock garland is perfect for St. Patrick's Day decorations, fireplace decor or a table centerpiece! You can hang it on your mantel, wall, window, or around a tiered tray!

Made of 2.5 cm felt wool balls and 4 cm felt shamrocks, strung on cotton cord. Balls and shapes on the garland are not knot tied, and can be slid around with gentle pressure to get the look you desire. They will stay where you want them on the white cotton cord.

If you would like to swap felt ball colors, see the color chart and tell me of the swap in the Personalization section. If you don't leave me a message, the colors are:
Shamrocks - emerald 
Felt Balls - red, orange, yellow, emerald, dutch blue, purple - repeat

Garlands will follow the pattern of: 4 balls, 1 shamrock, 4 balls, 1 shamrock, 4 balls, etc. If you have a custom length or another pattern or number of shapes in mind from what I offer in the drop down menu, please email me and I can quote you a price and set up a custom listing!

4 ft - 2 shamrocks and 12 felt balls
6 ft - 3 shamrocks and 16 felt balls
8 ft - 4 shamrocks and 20 felt balls
10 ft - 5 shamrocks and 24 felt balls