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Fun Shapes Kicker or Stringed Toys

Fun Shapes Kicker or Stringed Toys

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Watch your kitty go CRAZY with toys! SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, make your choice in the drop down menu. If you would like some of each, place them in your cart one at a time. These are solid wool and measure about 4cm each, though they may vary slightly due to them being handmade.

Can be scented with catnip spray for FREE! Just request it in the Personalization section before placing in your cart.

Hearts are red, fuchsia or white.
Moons are sapphire, yellow and white.
Stars are many, see the color chart ;)
Shamrock is emerald green.
Carrot is orange with black hashes and emerald green leaves.
Peppermint is white wool with red cotton stitching.
Snowflake ball is white with red stitching, gray with white stitching, or red with white stitching.
Candy corn is yellow, pumpkin orange and white. Bat is black (like the animal).
Eye balls are green, blue or gray.
Bugs are red lady bugs, monarch butterflies, or gold bumble bees.

There are 3 styles to this toy.
1. "Just the Shape", as seen in the main listing photo. They serve as cat kicker toys.
2. "Strung with Loop" Stringed, which is the shape you choose strung onto an 18 inch string with a loop at the end for owners to easily dangle the toy with their fingers.
3. "Strung with Handle" which is like a Fishing Pole, the shape you choose strung onto an 18 inch string and adhered to a 12 inch wooden dowel handle.

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