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Happy Fish Teaser and/or Kicker Toy

Happy Fish Teaser and/or Kicker Toy

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Style & Fish
Spray with Catnip?

So many options of felt fish cat toys to play with your kitties! Choose between a wooden dowel handle or simply a loop at the end, both great ways to dangle it before them. Wooden dowel handle is 12 inches long. And there’s a third option of just the fish that works great as a kicker toy!

Pink & Orange Goldfish: 8 cm long, 4 cm wide and 4 cm depth
Rainbow Fish: 10 cm long, 9 cm tall, 2 cm depth
Exact dimensions may vary a little bit because they’re hand-felted

Can be scented for free with catnip oil spray. Just one spritz before I package it up makes many kitties very happy ;) I also carry catnip oil and MANY felt wool cat toys in my shop well suited for adult cats and kittens alike: balls, bugs, spirals, mice, etc.

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