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Felted Solar System Garland

Felted Solar System Garland

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Number of Planets

This outer space themed garland will bring excitement to kids of all ages! Your Preschooler or grade-school child will love looking at and learning from this planetary decoration! Gift to your child's teacher for Back-to-School or a year-end teacher appreciation gift!

There are two choices to this garland because Pluto is a hot-button-topic ;) So you can choose between including Pluto or not. Therefore, the sun and 8 planets or the sun and 9 planets. No price difference, just which you prefer ;)

Another choice is if you want white felt balls between the planets or not, you can make your choice in the drop down menu after reviewing the difference in the photos. The white felt balls are 2.5cm.

Length of garland without white felt balls in between - 42 inches including the loops.
Length of garland with white felt balls in between - 60 inches including the loops.
Adding length of string will not cost anything, so if you want a longer garland, just tell me in the Personalization section and I can make it up to 12 feet long (any longer and it'll be harder to hang without tangling). This would allow you to play around with the spacing of the felt balls/planets too.

The hand felted wool spheres are made to look like how the sun and planets look and are strung on a white cotton cord in the order they are in our solar system. They are not perfectly in ratio to one another or else it would look silly, but they are representative of the planets sizes in a way that is attractive. The smallest planet is 2.5 cm and the sun is 6 cm. Sun and planets are handmade, so please allow some variance from one garland to the next (as seen in the two garlands in the listing photos!)

I make the solar system in ceiling mobile form too! See the last photo if interested and check it out here:

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