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Custom All Hearts Garland

Custom All Hearts Garland

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Length and Spacing
This customizable Wool Jamboree felted Heart garland is bright and perfect for so many occasions! Valentine's Day classroom decorations, matching nursery decor, Birthday Party banners! Can be hung on the wall, window, flowing over a table top or even around a bulletin board in a classroom!

Made of 4cm solid wool felted hearts, strung on white cotton cord (or your choice of colored Bakers Twine if you add that FREE listing to your cart at the same time. Do not pick bakers twine for touching heart garlands, as it is not seen. Shapes on the garland are not knot tied, and can be slid around with gentle pressure to get the look you desire. They will stay where you want them on the cotton cord.

Please tell me the color(s) and placement of the colors in the Personalization section in this listing before placing in your cart.
Here are examples of what to type: Red, Fuchsia, White hearts - repeating in that order.
OR: Red and White, alternating.

Garlands have 3 spacing options: 2 hearts per foot, 4 hearts per foot, and 6 hearts per foot (which is touching hearts). See the photos for what each spacing option looks like.

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