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Bright Felt Lollypop Toy

Bright Felt Lollypop Toy

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Spray with Catnip?
Lollypops are sold individually.

These are great for kids and cats alike! The children can play in a Montessori style imaginative play and these often get purchased for tactile sensory bins! For felines, they love to batt and kick them around, often choosing the FREE catnip option to boost the kitty's play.

Colors are either:
Pink Purple White - Shades of pink and purple with a white swirl and white stick handle.
Hot Pink Neons - Bright neon colors with a hot pink swirl and a white stick handle.

These are lightweight, and measure 8 cm by 6 cm and about 4 cm depth. Excellent for newborn photo props, as they are soft and beautifully photographed!

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