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Small Solid Wool Kitten Toys

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Sets of hand-felted, solid wool small pet toys - size small. Great for kittens and other similarly small pets. Each of the balls is about 2.5 cm / just under an inch in diameter, though they may vary a small amount because they are hand felted.

Sold in 59 color options, please see the second photo for the names of the colors. Let me know of your color choices in the "Personalization" section of this listing. If no instructions are left there, I will send a random selection of colors. I am happy to do a custom quantity if those aren't what you are looking for. Email me at

I also carry cat nip oil and a larger size wool cat toy in my shop well suited for adult cats and kittens alike. Check out the shop section "Wool Toys". 

DISCLAIMER - THESE ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN. These are made and sold for kittens and other like-sized animals. They are too large to pose a choking hazard to these small animals but may pose a choking hazard to babies and toddlers and bigger cats.

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