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Wool Waldorf Toy Ball

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Price per ball - choose your size set! Each are made of organic white wool with a red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, or sapphire wool overlay and then navy blue wool yarn wrapping. If you want more than one, add to your cart individually. 

These toys are great for families who want to reduce the amount of plastic in their home. Waldorf toys are toys made of natural materials and are completely safe for little ones to suck and gnaw on! My three children have loved these their whole lives so far! See the photo of my daughter playing with the first one I ever made (before I made them pretty, lol!).

These wool waldorf play balls are hand-wound and tightly felted 3 or more times so they will not unravel as the children play. They weigh approximately 2.5oz each and are about 8 inches in circumference, between the size of a baseball and soft ball. I've had customers buy them for their dogs, which is fine but not recommended if your pup is a big chewer. I also make wool felted bones for puppies and dogs! See the shop section "Wool Toys". 

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