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Cat Head Wall Hanging

Cat Head Wall Hanging

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Wool Jamboree is the original creator of the Felt Ball wall hangings! Let the love of your pet shine with this felt ball cat head! Fully customizable with 60 colors to choose from so we can match your cat's coat and face (nearly) perfectly. ;)

There are three sizes to choose from, size measurement is based on width/height, as seen in photos, They are nearly the same width as height.

8 inch Small - shown in white with a grey forehead triangle 

13 inch Medium - shown in solid black

18 inch Large - shown mimicking a cider, black and white calico cat

Colors and pattern are fully customizable, regardless of what the photo depicts of the size you want. Use the "Personalization" section of this listing to tell me colors and placement (such as black and white cat with the right eye area being white and the rest black). If we are matching a specific kitty's fur pattern, feel free to send me a photo of their head or whole body BEFORE ordering and I can make suggestions and match the photo as best as I can :) Send that to 

A picture will be emailed to you within 1-4 business days for approval/edits IF YOU ARE DOING ANY PATTERN OTHER THAN SOLID (like the solid black medium cat head from the photos). Please be sure you are watching your email for that :)

There are holes in the back for level hanging. The white cat headis made with PLA plastic and 2.5 cm wool felt balls.

I also have a cat paw in the shop! Look under "Felt Ball Wall Hangings" to see all of what's available, all customizable. Did you know I carry dozens of cat toys too? Check out my "Wool Toys" shop section to see them all!

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