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Blues Felt Ball Tree

Blues Felt Ball Tree

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Price is per tree. Liven up walls, shelves, your fireplace mantle and more with these colorful felt ball trees!

Colors are french blue and blue grey. The second photo shows all of the colors available if you want to customize, let me know of your custom colors in the "Personalization" section of this listing or the "Note to Seller" section at checkout. All felt balls are 2.5cm, though vary slightly because they are handmade.

Made with white PLA plastic. Three size options:

9 inches tall - 7 inches wide at the widest part. This is the only size that works as a free standing shelf sitter. The bigger sizes are capable but must be rested against the wall/back of shelf. If requested, this size comes with a free stand to make it free standing and sturdy, it is attached to the back by you upon arrival with two sided sticky tape. Instructions will come as well, it's easy :)

13 inches tall - 10 inches wide at the widest part
18 inches tall - 14 inches wide at the widest part

They are about an inch deep. This depth allows for the felt balls to peak out a little and see the felt balls from the side angle too! Trees will all have a hole in the back for level hanging. This hole is completely hidden if you plan to have them as shelf sitters. If you want the trees to be shelf sitters on tables, shelves or dressers, they are free standing but need support stands so they aren't wobbly. See the picture, it will be slightly visible. YOU MUST REQUEST THE STANDS, I offer one free with each tree but only if you request them since most customers hang these. You can request them in the "Note to Seller" section at checkout.

Two styles to choose from (see photos), dimensions are the same for both styles....
Tiered Tree - The trees seen in the photos with the three angles on the sides.
Straight Tree - The trees seen in the photos with smooth/flat sides.

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