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Felted Solar System Ceiling Mobile

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This outer space themed ceiling mobile will bring excitement to kids of all ages! Mobiles are not just for babies, your Preschooler or grade-school child will love looking at and learning from this planetary decoration!

There are two choices to this ceiling mobile because Pluto is a hot-button-topic ;) So you can choose between including Pluto or not. Therefore, the sun and 8 planets or the sun and 9 planets.

The hand felted wool spheres are made to look like how the sun and planets look and are strung around the 9 inch hardwood hoop in the order they are in our solar system. They are not perfectly in ratio to one another or else it would look silly, but they are representative of the planets sizes in a way that is attractive. The smallest planet is 2.5 cm and the sun is 6 cm. Strands vary in length from 5-8 inches long. Overall ceiling mobile length is about 21 inches.

Mobiles are made to hang from a ceiling hook, which is an add on to this listing for your convenience. The 2.5 inch hook is a white rubber coated metal hook that screws easily into all drywall and plaster without the need of a stud. If you want your ceiling mobile longer because of high ceilings, just ask me for more string to be added to the top knot. I will not extend the strands on the actual ceiling mobile, it will look silly. Extra string is free, just ask in the "Personalization" section.

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1) Mobiles are not to be hung from the side of the crib, that is why I offer a ceiling hook within the listing. The long strands pose a strangulation risk so I will not sell them to customers intending to hang the ceiling mobile from the crib. Use of ceiling mobiles even from the ceiling should not exceed 5 months or when a baby can pull themselves up.
2) Take care when removing the ceiling mobile from its packaging. By nature they are easy to tangle. They are packaged in the best way possible for their travels, but hastily taking them from the packaging may result in a tangle. When opening, fold back tissue paper, locate the top knot and pull up. Take the ceiling mobile directly to the prepared ceiling hook. Then pull on felt balls until you've placed them where you want them.