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Pastels Curtain Ties

Pastels Curtain Ties

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Dress up your curtains in your own perfect color scheme with these felt ball curtain tie backs! Colors are baby blue, baby pink, straw and lilac.

Sold individually or in sets of 2. Made with 2.5 cm felt balls and cotton cord. See second photo for color options and name the colors and pattern you want in the "Personalization" section of this listing. 

There are 4 lengths to choose from and all sizes have two 2 inch loops at either end:

Mini - 12 inches total, 8 inches of felt balls. 8 felt balls on each tie back. Best for thin, sheer curtains.
Small - 16 inches total, 12 inches of felt balls. 13 felt balls on each tie back.
Medium - 20 inches total, 16 inches of felt balls. 17 felt ball on each tie back.
Large - 24 inches total, 20 inches of felt balls. 22 felt balls on each tie back. Best for thick drapes.

You can either put a hook into your wall or window frame to hook the loops on, or you can simply push a felt ball through one of the loops and tuck that behind the curtain (see picture in listing and note that is another set of tie backs, not these rainbow ones). If you choose the second option, not only do you not put any holes in your walls, but you also can adjust the length based on which felt ball you choose to push through the loop. Therefore, it is better to choose the longer tie back if you want to have options.

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