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Slingshot & Felt Ball Set

Slingshot & Felt Ball Set

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Scent with Catnip Spray?

Everyone loves beaming someone with a slingshot!!! This listing is for ONE wooden slingshot with 24 felt balls. They are perfect for high energy kids, especially for a family night or a kid's birthday party game. Great for pets too!

Unless you customize and leave me colors in the "Personalization" section of this listing, the colors sent will be 2 of each: fuchsia, hot pink, red, pumpkin, orange, yellow, tennis ball, spring green, aqua, ocean, purple, lavender.

By request, I added a sling shot only option to the listing, in case you already have the balls :) and vice versa in case you have the sling shot and no ammo.

Each slingshot is made with wood, rubber and a FAUX leather pouch. Felt balls are 2.5 cm (just under an inch) and hand felted from sheep’s wool. DISCLAIMER: This toy is meant for children 3+. Many buy this toy for cats, so there is an option for FREE scenting with catnip spray.

Watch a slingshot enthusiast review this set on YouTube!

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