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Needle and Thread for DIY garland making

Needle and Thread for DIY garland making

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Buy this needle and thread while making your Wool Jamboree felt ball purchase and make your life easier! This is the exact needle and thread I use for making my high quality and beautiful garlands. You will get one needle and one cutting of thread at the length of your choice.

Choose from many lengths of string based on the length of garland you want. Loops at the end tend to take up 8-9 inches so factor that in! Consider the spacing you want to the felt balls if you are using my felt balls. They are 2.5 cm. 13-14 fit per foot if you want a touching garland. Customers also like 8 per foot or 4 per foot spacing too, it's just a matter of the look you want. Please do the math yourself ;) I am happy to help if it's just overwhelming to you, but all the info you need is right here. :)

NEW! You can now pick between white cotton thread or Colorful Bakers Twine. Please name your choice in the "Personalization" section in this listing before placing in your cart. 

A sturdy wide eyed needle is also included in the price. A little tip for threading a needle - lick the thread first, flatten between your fingers and then put through the eye! :) If you're buying multiple of this listing but don't need multiple needles, feel free to say "just one needle" in the Personalization section. 

No felt balls are included with this listing, sold separately.

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