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Felt Ball Stringed Cat Toy

Felt Ball Stringed Cat Toy

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Felt ball cat toys to play with your kitties! Felt balls are 2.5 cm and 1 cm, alternating along the string. Felt balls are knot tied between each one so kitty doesn't displace them as they leap, bat, and bite the balls. Dye is organic Dharma Dyes and safe for cats. There are some color schemes in the drop down menu that are not shown in the photos. Colors may vary slightly based on availability.

Comes in two lengths, seen in the photos. Roughly 18 or 24 inch string. The 18 inch option has a total of 9 felt balls, the 24 inch option has a total of 15 felt balls. Can be scented for free with catnip oil spray.

NOW WITH AN UPGRADED STRING! In the photos you will see my white cotton cord, this occasionally broke from aggressively playing kitties so I have upgraded the string to a thinner but much more durable white Nano cord. Reviews have been stellar about its strength and durability!

Want a fishing pole design? I offer the same toy with a handle for ease of use, just check out shop section "Wool Toys" for that and I also carry catnip oil and kicker cat toys in my shop well suited for adult cats and kittens alike. Email me with questions!

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