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Yellow Stripe Dryer Balls

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Price is per dryer ball.

This listing is for a set of 1-6 top quality large organic wool felted dryer balls. It's made with organic merino wool, a splash of yellow dyed merino and an overlay of navy wool yarn. 4 is recommended to start and add more as needed (I have the largest washer/dryer on the market and I use 6). 

My organic wool dryer balls are hand-wound and tightly felted 3 or more times so they will NOT unravel in your laundry! They weigh approximately 2.5 oz each and are 8-9 inches in circumference. 

Wool Jamboree premium wool dryer balls are an inexpensive and reusable and eco-friendly solution to chemical laden fabric softener and dryer sheets. Not only for people who have sensitive skin, dryer balls also absorb static and separate your laundry to allow the hot air in, which reduces drying time! That saves YOU time and money!!! Add 4-6 dryer balls to your dryer and they will gently soften your clothes and fluff bulky items like towels and blankets. I have customers from 6+ years ago who still haven't needed to replace their high performing set of balls, so expect longevity!