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All White Wool Acorns

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Choose from felted acorns, felted acorn ornaments and felted acorn garlands. See the third photo for the different options.

Colors: white

If you would like to add a color, see my color chart and tell me in the "Personalization" section of this listing. All acorns are made with 2.5cm felt balls and a REAL acorn cap. Have a question or custom request? Email me, Amy, at

Loose Acorns- sold in many size sets. You set may include doubles, triples or even little mini real acorns attached at the top. If you prefer singles only, let me know in the "Personalization" section.

Acorn Ornaments - sold in many size sets. I try to use smaller acorn caps for these so that they aren't too top heavy. Strung from a cotton cord. Lovely to hang from your Christmas tree, decorative floral sticks or simply around your house on knobs and in windows.

Acorn Garlands - Sold in many lengths, strung from a cotton cord. No matter the length, there are 4 acorns per foot of garland. That means they are spaced with two inches between each one. If you want a different spacing, message me! I try to use smaller acorn caps for garlands so they aren't too top heavy. Hang from your mantel, on your Christmas tree or along a decorative holiday space in your home.
3 ft - 12 acorns
4 ft - 16 acorns
5 ft - 20 acorns
6 ft - 24 acorns
8 ft - 32 acorns