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Wooden Alphabet Letters A - Z and &

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Price is per letter. If you want multiple letters, place in your cart individually.

Liven up shelves, dressers, window sills and more with this felt ball letter! This is in the pattern and the colors of your choice. The second photo shows all of the colors available and the third photo shows the patterns available. If you want another pattern that I haven't thought of, let me know and I can try it for you! Tell me of your pattern and color choice in the "Personalization" section of this listing.

If you are buying a name or a word, you must put each letter in your cart individually. If the letter you want is sold out I do not know when I will be able to restock, see my shop section "Letters/Words" and find the plastic version! I make the plastic letters myself and am never out of stock of any letter or word! My plastic letters also come in three sizes! 8.5 inches, 13.5 inches and 18.5 inches height. Click here to see my plastic letters and words.

NOTE------- I will send a photo of your requested pattern and colors within 1-4 BUSINESS days or so of your order. Please be watching your email :) We can make edits to the letter(s) at that time, in case you want to swap colors or adjust placement of the felt balls.

The letter is made of made of blonde wood and may have some coloring/shading natural to wood grain. The wooden letters all measure 9 inches tall, about 7 inches wide (vary by the nature of the letter), and 1 inch deep. You can hang on the wall either by drilling your own hole in the back, applying your own D-Ring picture hangers, or they are lightweight enough that customers have successfully used adhesive strips and Funtak hanging tack. All felt balls are 2cm, though vary slightly because they are handmade.

If you want the letters to be shelf sitters on tables, shelves or dressers, most are free standing but need support stands so they aren't wobbly. See picture 4. F, P, and J are not free standing because of their shape, those need the stands. YOU MUST REQUEST THE STANDS, I offer one free with each letter but only if you request them since most customers hang the letters. Let me know you would like them in the "Personalization" section of this listing. Stands are made of white plastic, made on my 3D printer, they don't match the letter but they are hidden in the back so there should be no issue :)

Email me with questions! - Amy - 

PRODUCT UPDATE - I have increasing shipping issues with my wooden letter supplier and their prices have more than doubled since I started this product a few years ago (though I kept my price the same and simply make far less), which is why I started making my own plastic versions with 3D printers. These will be phased out, I will not purchase more and am just selling the wooden letters I have left in inventory.